Harley Davidson 61 ci. F-Head Type Engine 1914 - 1929

The 61 ci. F-Head Engine drove Harley Davidson bikes from 1914 till 1929 in both V - Twin and single piston configurations, the F behind the name is given by the form of flow that created in the combustion chamber, the engine is also known by the term IOE mean Intake Over Exhaust, this is more understood when you notice the valves which seats exactly one above the other, the casting of the heads / cylinders have large internal hollow space (valves housing) created the nick name Pocket heads, the lubrication system is the "Total Lost" method which means its not fully automated but have manual procedures of hand pumping fresh oil from the oil tank directly to the critical points of the engine, the mechanic oil pump (1915) have this inspection hole covered with glass, this window let you see if there is an oil circulation (not oil quantity) those oil sights are still exist today on machines gearboxes for the same purpose, the engine lifters springs are exposed till around 1917, the carburetor is Schebler and the magneto is Bosch,

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