Harley Davidson Clutch Booster 1952 - 1967


The mechanical hand power booster known as the Mouse Trap....

1. Clutch hand lever,
2. Clutch cable,
3.Control coil adjusting sleeve,
4. Control coil adjusting sleeve lock nut,
5. Cable to bell crank hook,
6. Bell crank to cable hook mounting pin and lock spring,
7. Clutch control booster bell crank,
8. bell crank main pivot,
9. Bell crank bushing,
10. Bell crank pivot lock screw and washer,
11. Spring upper mount point and cover upper mount point,
12. Clutch booster spring tension adjuster
13. Clutch booster spring tension upper adjusting nut,
14. Clutch booster spring tension lower adjusting nut,
15. Clutch control booster spring,
16. Bell crank adjusting screw and lock nut,
17. Clutch lever mounting screw and lock nut,
18. Clutch lever horn,
19. Clutch lever rod lock nut,
20. Clutch lever rod,
21. Booster U mounting clamp,
22. U mounting clamp lock nuts and washers,
23. Clutch booster main body,
24. Clutch booster cover (Black or chrome),
25. Clutch booster cover screws...


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