Harley Davidson Waffle Grips 1946-1969

The 'Waffle Grips' from Harley Davidson appear around 1946 and stay as part of the authentic look of Harley Davidson motorcycles for the next 20 years, During the mid 50's they show in few other colors, they cross the Springers, Hydra Glide, Duo Glide and early Electra Glide period and definitely contribute to the general look of the Hydra Glide fork..., the 49-54 grips had close ends, From 1955 due small change in the structure of the spiral twist mechanism, the grips have open ends to access the Cup screw which close the spiral twisting parts in place. both can be seen in the following example, the metal collars are part of the late mounting method, can you spot the small break on them ? The screws are tapered to fit the conical drills on the handlebar ..

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