Linkert M74 B - 418 Carburetor 1952-1965

The body of this carburetor usually painted in black, here its exposed to gallow clear view and to satisfy those who likes the bronze / brass material appearance, the brass bawl shown here is an after market and not the original which was made from kind of Hardened black foam...

1. Bowl locknut,
2. Locknut gasket,
3. Main nozzle retainer spring,
4. Main nozzle,
5. Bowl,
6. Bowl cover gasket,
7. Float valve seat,
8. Float valve seat gasket,
9. Float lever pin,
10. Brass float,
11. Float lever,
12. Float valve,
13. Throttle stop lock screw,
14. Throttle lever,
15. Throttle lever arm,
17. Throttle shaft screws,
18. Throttle disc,
19. Throttle shaft,
20. Low speed needle,
21. High speed needle,
22. Low speed needle lever screw,
23. Low speed needle lever,
24. Needle lever spring,
25. Lever spring collar,
26. Air intake shaft nut and washer,
27, Air intake shaft stop,
28. Air intake shaft friction ball and spring.
30. Air intake disc screws,
31. Air intake disc,
32. Air intake shaft (Chock shaft),
33. Idle hole body plug,
34. Idle passage plug screw,
35. Fix jet,
36. Throttle shaft bushing,
37. Venturi element,
38. Low speed needle friction ball and spring,
39. Throttle cable mounting element,
40. Carburetor to manifold gasket,
41. Throttle lever arm screws and washers,
42. Throttle lever stop adjustment screw and spring,
43. Float to arm mounting screw,
44. Bowl fixture pins,
45. High speed needle friction ball and spring...



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