"As i am counting 10 years of refining my models i will soon offer some works as prints for decoration... If you like this website content i am sure you will like my prints which got some special characteristics..." Amir Glinik - Industrial & Art - July 2017.

The term Computer generated image is not doing justice to my work, there are still many who are not aware to the amount of work one need to create those final images you see on this website, Past 10 years where mostly dedicated to 3d modeling, unlike CAD programs the kind of modeling needed to successfully replicate the old casting parts to look like the real thing is very much like real life sculpting, sewing or oil painting, hand manipulating of cross lines network making this work to be considered as Fine Art , i am talking about endless work spread over years...some of my models are so detailed they reach 10000 objects which is quiet an achievement...

Prints are made using Durst Lambda machine, a light exposure process made on photographic paper, this type of printing technology is not for mass production and adds some characteristic to the general appearance of the work. the prints will not pale and will stay crisp for lifetime however not suited for long outdoor display.

Your purchase is 100% money back guarantee, if from any reason you are not satisfy from what you got, you simply fold / shred the print to fit in a post envelope, you will receive full refund as soon as i receive your envelope,

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